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CABO is the acronym for the Council of American Building Officials  

This organization, as well as the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) and the International Code Council (ICC) have combined their resources, and now write the internationally recognized One and Two Family Dwelling Code.  

These codes provide administrative and technical directions for all phases of residential construction.  The intent is to provide a safe and  properly constructed home.  

The International Code Council now provides a nationally recognized examination designed to certify inspectors in the  interpretation and compliance of these codes.  

This examination is known in the home inspection industry by it's old acronym “The CABO test”.  After many hours of technical academics, actual field experience, and the completion of this test, an inspector will be “CABO Certified” or by the new title, "ICC Residential Combination Inspector" by the new agency.  With a less than 30% pass rate, inspectors who successfully complete this four part examination will have proven to maintain a strong knowledge on the administrative and proper construction techniques of one and two family dwellings. 




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