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The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors (GAHI) was founded in 1989.  It is a professional organization dedicated to improving the service and reputation of the home inspection industry. With members from Savannah to Chattanooga, TN., GAHI is your link to the home inspection industry.

In 1989, the charter members of GAHI decided to separate themselves from an unregulated home inspection industry in the State of Georgia. This industry had neither accountably nor credibility; and as of today, very little has changed.

Their first goal was to raise the membership bar higher than any other home inspection organization in the nation.  They succeeded!   The Georgia Association of Home Inspectors is the only home inspection organization in the nation requiring ICC / CABO Code Certification for Full Member status to achieve the GAHI title of "Code Certified Master Inspector".   

ICC is the acronym for the International Code Council.  Their purpose is to provide a safe and correctly built home.

CABO is the acronym for the Council of American Building Officials. This organization, as well as the Southern Building Code Congress International (SBCCI) and the International Code Council (ICC) have combined their resources, and now write the internationally recognized International Residential Code (IRC).  

After many hours of technical academics, actual field experience, and the completion of the current ICC codes test; the GAHI inspector will be certified as a "Residential Combination Inspectors" (RCI). The word combination shows the inspector has completed the requirements to be fully code certified in the Building, Electrical, Plumbing and Mechanical systems of one and two family dwellings.

With a less than 30% pass rate, inspectors who successfully complete this examination will have proven to maintain a strong knowledge on the administrative and proper construction techniques of one and two family dwellings. 



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