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Fidelity Home Inspections is proud to introduce our Home Maintenance Inspection Program. This type of inspection is suited for those that already own homes.

 As a Home Inspector, I see many silent killers destroying the homes I inspect; wind & rain damage, deterioration from the weather, and in most cases, plain neglect are only a few of the destructive forces that are responsible.  Unfortunately, most homeowners fall prey to the silence and stealth of these killers and are later confronted with expensive repairs.  These conditions also reduce the value of the home.

To assist you in avoiding damage and expensive repairs, Ive developed an inexpensive home maintenance inspection that provides a cursory and educated look at the maintenance needs of your home.  The knowledge gained from these inspections will help you preserve your home and investment, and to maintain that pride in ownership. 

For as low as $175.00, identifying the need for early maintenance is a small price to pay to protect your investment, and to avoid some of the home damages I routinely report on  

For great protection, I recommend you schedule this inspection every year.

Note!  This Maintenance Inspection is for existing home owners only.  It is not a Home Inspection for Real Estate purchases.

Exterior Inspection 

Starting at $175.00


  • Visual Foundation Walls

  • Footing Drains  


  • General Condition

  • Railing

  • Steps


  • Condition of Siding & Trim

  • Condition of Soffits

  • Windows and Doors

  • Walkways & Driveways

  • Garage Door (Exterior Condition Only)

  • Fencing & Gates


  • Covering

  • Gutter & Downspouts

  • Roof Penetrations


  • Hose Bibs

  • Gas Piping


  • Porch Lights (Condition Only)

  • Wall Receptacles & GFCI

  • Door Bell

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